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Recruitment of Gas Safety Manager

RGII require a Gas Safety Manager - The job description and requirements are on the attached document.

CER Announces RGII is appointed to operate the Registered Gas Installer scheme

The CER is pleased to announce, following a public procurement process, the appointment of a Gas Safety Supervisory Body (SSB) to regulate gas installers in respect of safety in Ireland. From January 2016 RGII Register of Gas Installers of Ireland Ltd. will be the SafetySupervisory Body. These arrangements will be in place until the end of 2022. Customers can have peace of mind that Registered Gas Installers (RGIs), who carry out work in their home, do so safely thereby protecting lives and property.

Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week 2015

This year the Carbon Monoxide Week will be launched on 14/09/2015 and will run from Monday 21 to Friday 25 September. Like in previous years, the aim of the campaign this year is to highlight the fact that carbon monoxide (CO) can, and does, kill. It’s colourless, odourless, hard to detect and it can kill in less than three minutes.

Recall of Unsafe Carbon Monoxide Detector

The Carbon Monoxide detector sold under the brand ALECTO does not respond to high concentrations of carbon monoxide. The product does not comply with the relevant European standard EN 50291-1.

Poster for Trade Counters

A new poster "It's the Law" is available for display at trade counters.

Fireplace fitter prosecuted for gas safety offences

The CER has today,12th May 2015, published a Press Release regarding the prosecution of Kildare based fireplace fitter for carrying out illegal gas works and for portraying himself as a Registered Gas Installer.

Change in Process of Safety Locking

Gas Networks Ireland (GNI) have changed their process in relation to a premises that has been locked for safety.

CER Press Release regarding the prosecution of a company

The CER has today, 23rd March 2015, published a Press Release regarding the prosecution of a company, Boiler Gas Services, and a Dublin based Plumber for illegally portraying themselves as Registered Gas Installers.

Gas Safety Prosecution Portlaoise District Court

The CER has today, 20th February 2015, published a Press Release regarding the prosecution in Portlaoise District Court of an individual who carried out Gas Works while not being registered as a Registered Gas Installer.

Successful CER Prosecution for Illegal Portrayal as a Registered Gas Installer

On 12th February 2015 the Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) successfully prosecuted Mr. Pat Byrne from County Wexford for illegally portraying himself as a Registered Gas Installers.

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