Updated LPG installations connection procedure (ILPGA)

ILPGA will be implementing the following new connection procedures from March 1st 2020

LPG Installations

(new connections, safety & commercial isolations)  

New Installations 

LPG storage tanks and or meters will be installed with the gas supply locked and the outlet connection point capped/plugged off. A warning tag containing guidance and contact details fixed at the outlet connection point. 

Getting Gas Supply Unlocked

To have the gas supply to a new installation unlocked, contact the gas supplier. A “Declaration of Conformance Certificate type 1” signed by the Registered Gas Installer (RGI) responsible for installing and commissioning the user owned installation and with the pre-construction section fully completed (as a minimum) is required.  Note: Only personnel authorised to act on behalf of the LPG supplier may unlock or remove the gas suppliers locking device.  

User owned installation

(Ref: IS 813 Domestic Gas Installations – installer responsibility)

  • Install appliance in conformance with IS 813 and the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Connect the customer owned installation to the gas supply
  • Soundness test, purge and admit gas to completed installation
  • Ensuring that the appliance(s) are adjusted for the fuel type supplied 
  • Commissioning the installation pipework and appliance(s)
  • Provide a signed Declaration of Conformance Certificate
  • Instructing the user on safe use of the installation/appliances and how to turn off the gas supply

Gas Supplier Equipment

The gas supplier is responsible for maintenance/repair and or replacement of supplier owned equipment. Note: Only suitable trained personnel authorised and acting on behalf of the gas supplier may undertake work on storage vessels, meter assemblies and distribution networks. Any defects should be reported directly to the gas supplier.

Safety Isolations - Existing Installations & Appliances 

Where the gas supply or an appliance has been isolated and is capped or plugged off (not locked) by the gas supplier for safety reasons. The RGI responsible for carrying out the remedial/repair works necessary to make the installation/appliance safe to use again is required to:  

  • Notify the LPG company within five days when the gas supply has been restored.  
  • Provide the LPG supplier with the RGI number and the “Declaration of Conformance Certificate” number associated with the remedial/repair works carried out and restoration of the gas supply to the installation or appliance(s)

Commercial Isolations

Where the gas supply is locked off or disconnected for commercial reasons (not safety) there will be an information tag fixed at the isolation point.

In this case, the gas supply shall only be restored when authorised by the gas supplier. Note: Only personnel authorised by the gas supplier are permitted to

  • Remove locking devices fitted by the gas supplier
  • Re admit gas and or restore supply to distribution networks operated by a gas supplier


The gas suppliers reserve the right as part of their in-house customer care and safety policies to carry out periodic assessments at their customers premises to assess if any public safety risks are present

Where appropriate a Notice of Hazard (NOH) will be issued.  Where it is found necessary to isolate the gas supply for safety reasons, this will also be recorded through the RGII online complaints system for further investigation. Where any gas works are undertaken as part of the customer care assessment a Declaration of Conformance Certificate type 3 will be issued

LPG suppliers are happy to assist RGIs with technical guidance or advise relating to gas installations and the siting of bulk or cylinder storage at user premises. To avail of this service please do not hesitate to contact the gas supplier.

The ILPGA member companies are committed to supporting safe and efficient practices in the gas industry and look forward to continuing to work with RGIs and all other stake holders and the regulatory authorities to support, the implementation of national gas standards to ensure public safety and the sustainability of the gas industry. 

LPG suppliers take no responsibility for any loss, damage or claims associated with the customer owned installation, admission and or the restoration of a gas supply downstream of the point of delivery and or any gas works carried out by any third party 

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